Going Sockless In The Summer

The first installment of Quick Tip Tuesday is here. This tip will be about going sockless in the warmer months. This is a great way to make a dress shoe more casual!

The most important thing here is that your shoes are comfortable. Then, you have two choices when going sockless. The first option is using foot powder to keep your feet dry and your shoes smelling nice.

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Fit Is Everything – Part 1 (The Shirt)

The first thing you need to know when upping your fashion game is how clothes are supposed to fit. How well your clothes fit is the most important aspect for any piece of clothing. A $300 suit that’s tailored perfectly will always beat out a $2000 suit that hangs off your body like it’s draft night in the NBA…

Bad Fitting Suit on Draft Night

Let’s start with the basic dress shirt. Men’s shirt sizes come with two numbers. The first is the neck size, and the second is the sleeve length. Once you know these, buying shirts will become a lot easier.

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Intro To Up Your Fashion Game

Hello world,

My name is Zack Pyle. I’ve decided to write this men’s fashion blog because a friend of mine recently asked me for some fashion advice and said that other people might like to hear what I have to say as well, so here it goes.

First, I’ll start by telling you who I am and little about myself. My name is Zack. I’m 22 years old. Some of the things I like are beer, baseball, tennis, golf, technology, and fashion, of course. My favorite fashion accessory is the tie. I have quite the collection (some call it an addiction)… I’m a University of Colorado graduate. I majored in marketing and minored in German. I studied abroad in Regensburg, Germany during my junior year. It was the best six months of my life. This was also the point in my life that I realized that I wanted to start dressing sharp. I looked like a slob in comparison to the people around me, and I wanted to fix that.

This is me.

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