Going Sockless In The Summer

The first installment of Quick Tip Tuesday is here. This tip will be about going sockless in the warmer months. This is a great way to make a dress shoe more casual!

The most important thing here is that your shoes are comfortable. Then, you have two choices when going sockless. The first option is using foot powder to keep your feet dry and your shoes smelling nice.

Gold Bond Foot Powder (Click the image to view on amazon)

Or you can cheat by using no-show socks. The best no-show socks have a small piece of rubber on the inside of the heel to keep them from slipping off.

No-Show Socks (Click the image to view on amazon)

Last, find a way to show off those newly exposed ankles! Roll your jeans, wear shorts, or buy/hem pants to hit at the ankle! With either of these sockless options, now you too can rock the sockless look. And if you have any questions or comments, fire away in the comments section! Or if you are viewing this from my homepage, click the “talking bubble” at the top of the article to comment. 


“Weather permitting, it’s guiltless to go sockless.” – Glenn O’Brien (The Style Guy)



2 thoughts on “Going Sockless In The Summer

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