This week’s Quick Tip Tuesday is about one of my favorite brands, The Tie Bar. From their name, you’d think that all they sell is tie bars, but they have expanded into a bunch of other men’s accessories, with their main product actually being ties. They sell ties, tie bars, pocket squares, knitted lapel flowers, colored shoelaces, bow ties, collar bars, money clips, socks, collar stays, and cufflinks. It’s incredible. Oh, and only $6 flat rate shipping!

The Tie Bar is endorsed by GQ and should be anyone’s go to for men’s accessories. They are practically used on every GQ cover and photo shoot…

I own a bow tie, a silk knit tie, a pocket square, and a tie bar from them and lost another :(  Everything I’ve bought has been superb quality and price. In my opinion, you should never spend more than $15 on a tie again! My wish list on their site is a mile long.

I will cover most, if not all, of these items in future posts and how to wear them, but here is your new favorite men’s accessory store!

Here are the items they are selling right now. A great thing about shopping with them is that every item within a category is the same price.

Ties, Skinny Ties, and Bow Ties – $15

Tie Bars – $15

Pocket Squares – $8

Cufflinks – $20

Socks – $8 for one pair or $20 for a set of three

Money Clips – $20

Colored Shoelaces – $3 for a pair or $12 for five

Knitted Lapel Flowers – $5 for one or $12 for three

Collar Bars – $15


“It doesn’t matter who makes a tie—it’s about color and pattern. You want to offset the rest of what you’re wearing with colors that bring it all together.” – Daniel Merriweather



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