Types Of Shirt Collars

Not all shirt collars are created equal. There are four basic types, and in this Quick Tip Tuesday you’re going to learn the difference between them.

Types Of Shirt Collars

There are four main types:

  • Narrow Spread/Straight Point Collar
  • Semi Spread Collar
  • Spread Collar
  • Button-Down Collar (the term Button-Down refers to collars that can be buttoned down, not a shirt with buttons on the front of it.)


Narrow Spread/Straight Point Collar

Narrow/Straight Point Spread

“Think superminimal American style, not the oversize big-tie-knot Italian look.”

This collar has a narrow spread and doesn’t leave room for a large tie knot. Good for a four-in-hand knot.


Semi Spread Collar

semi spread collar

“Perfectly balanced. Not too wide or narrow. Not too hip or square.”

A very versatile collar that goes with anything. It can be formal or casual.


Spread Collar

spread collar

“Got a Wall Street power suit? Pair it with a spread collar and a substantial tie.”

Perfect collar for the windsor knot that you learned. Now you can go close that big deal.


Button-Down Collar

button-down collar

“The old-school all-American look. Has never gone out of style and never will.”

A more casual collar that looks great. Have a few of these to wear on the weekends.


I own almost all semi-spread collars, with a few button downs thrown in there. Semi-spread collars work for anything, really. You can’t go wrong there. Button-Downs are more casual than any of the other collars. Keep this in mind, but also play around with it.


 “There’s Nothing Buttoned-Up About a Button-Down” – The Editors of GQ



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