How To Build Up Your Wardrobe – Part 1

There are staples in every man’s wardrobe that you should own. I’m going to lay out 10 categories with suggestions in each that you should own to Up Your Fashion Game. These are the essentials and then should be built up from there. I haven’t covered some of these pieces yet, but I plan to in future posts. So, if you aren’t sure what you should be looking for, either ask down in the comments, or check back later on. I either have or will cover everything on this list in more detail at some point.

Part 1 covers #1-5

1. Dress Shirts

It all starts with the dress shirt. You should have a few basic solid colors to start your wardrobe off right.

  • White, navy, grey, light blue, and throw a pink in there for good measure. If you’re worried about mixing and matching patterns, solid colors are easy to pair with anything.
  • Once you have all of your solid colors down, then you can move onto some patterns like stripes and checks.

And remember Fit Is Everything in a shirt.


2. Pants

Next on the list is pants. Having five pairs of pants will get you a long way.

  • First is a dark wash denim with no distressing. Dark denim can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s a great piece that can go with everything from a t-shirt to a blazer.
  • Then you’ll need four pairs of dress pants. Once you have a khaki, a navy, a grey, and a black pair of dress pants, you’ve got your bases covered for practically everything!

Keep them slim with no pleats. Fit Is Everything for pants too!


3. Accessories

Make sure you’re covered on your accessories. Details are what pulls an outfit together. Here are the accessories you should have in your arsenal.

  • You should have a tie bar or two. I suggest having a 1″ and a 1.5″ tie bar.
  • Get at least one watch. I like having the option between a leather band, metal band, and a cloth band.
  • A scarf is a great way to stay warm and stylish in the cooler months.
  • Get some sunglasses. Go for some black wayfarers or wire rim aviators. They will go with almost everything you own.
  • A couple pocket squares will mix it up when wearing the same blazer or suit.
  • Last is ties. Same as with pocket squares. Cheap way to mix up a look from day to day.

When you have those covered, you can move onto maybe a knitted lapel flower, and if you have any french cuffs then some cufflinks.


4. Shoes & Matching Belt

You should have at least two pairs of lace-ups.

  • You need a black pair with a black belt.
  • And a brown pair with a brown belt.
  • Keep the buckle on both belts simple. Go for a square silver buckle like the picture below.

After you have those, you can move onto some loafers, suede shoes, or double monk strap shoes for added style!


5. Shorts

  • With shorts, a slim pair of khaki and navy shorts are your base, like the pair shown on the left. After that, a black or grey pair would be best.
  • They should hit above the knee.
  • With your bases covered, you can throw in a pattern like plaid or stripes for a bit of something extra like the shorts on the right.



Building your wardrobe up the right way is starting with the basics. Solid colors will go with everything. And get clothes that fit. Fewer pieces that fit > More pieces that don’t. Check out Part 2 for #6-10.


“Build on these versatile basics. You can mix and match them at will. That’s the key to a perfect wardrobe.” – GQ



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