How To Build Up Your Wardrobe – Part 2

Now it’s time for Part 2 of How to Build Up Your Wardrobe. Last week, I said that there are staples in every man’s wardrobe that you should own, and I was going to show you 10 categories with suggestions in each that you should own to Up Your Fashion Game. These are the essentials to starting your wardrobe and should be built up from here.

Part 2 covers #6-10.

6. Denim Jacket

There is a new denim jacket in town.

  • It’s slimmer and fitted how a dress shirt would be.
  • Try a size smaller than you think you are.
  • A dark wash will go with everything.
  • But if you’re feeling adventurous, denim jackets are coming in more colors than ever now. You could try a khaki denim or a concrete-ish color.
  • Roll up the sleeves or throw on a tie.

You can wear these anywhere.

jean jacket


7. Suit

Every man should own at least one suit. They are flattering on everyone and you never know when you will need one (wedding, funeral, party, job interview ect). But it’s not even worth wearing if it doesn’t fit you.

  • Try a size smaller than you think you are.
  • It should be 100% wool because it will last longer.
  • it should be a two button jacket.
  • Your first suit should either be navy or charcoal, and your second suit should be the other of the two. These two are the most versatile.
  • Peak or notch lapel is your choice.
  • If you can get one in a three-piece suit, even better. You’ll have a vest to add even more looks to your wardrobe.
  • After you have these two suits, your next suit should probably be black


8. Sweater

There are two types of collars: Crew necks and v-necks.

  • Go with a v-neck; it frames the face better than a crew neck.
  • Start with a solid colored v-neck, maybe in a navy blue or a charcoal grey, and build from there.
  • Your sweaters should be thin enough to comfortably fit over a dress shirt
  • They should end at your waist or be tucked in.


9. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are great. They are basically a dressed up t-shirt. Almost everyone looks good in one too. They have really grown up in the past few years. You can even see people wearing them under blazers now when it’s hot out, for example. They are a great staple for your wardrobe.

  • Just keep them fitted. Polos have a tendency to be boxy. I actually used the tailoring technique that I showed you earlier on my polos with great success. They are easier to do than dress shirts, so maybe that boxy polo that you never wear can be your first attempt.
  • The sleeves should end about the middle of your bicep like in the picture below but can be slightly shorter or longer if you want.
  • It should end near your waist. Polos with a longer tail are meant to be tucked in.


10. Peacoat

A form fitted black peacoat that ends at the bottom of your hips is a great way to keep warm in the winter months without sacrificing style, and the double-breasted feature will keep you even warmer because of those two layers.

  • It should be close to your body.
  • Try a smaller size than you think you are. You can see below that the peacoat on the right is boxy and oversized. The one on the left is form-fitted.
  • Start with a black peacoat. It’s the easiest to find and it’s a classic.
  • Pop your collar to keep the wind off your neck.
  • Once you have a peacoat, your next outerwear purchase should be an overcoat to wear with your suit. They protect more of your suit from the elements than a peacoat will because they are longer. It will end anywhere from the middle of your thigh to your knees and can come in single or double-breasted.

peacoat good bad


Building your wardrobe up the right way is starting with the basics. Solid colors will go with everything. And get clothes that fit. Fewer pieces that fit > More pieces that don’t. If you missed it, check out How To Build Up Your Wardrobe – Part 1 for #1-5.


“Fashion is season long, style is eternal.” – Paul from Modern Gentlemen



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