Is Your Underwear Worse For Wear?

“Think about it like this: When you’re seen in your underwear, is it ever unimportant how you look? That’s what we thought.” Ya. On that occasion that someone does get a peek, you’ll be thankful you thought to Up Your Fashion Game this week in the underwear department.

You should look your best even when you’re down to your skivvies.

Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs. It’s your choice, but when asked which they prefer, the majority of women say the boxer brief.

Whatever your choice is, just don’t pull a Walter White…

Just don’t wear underwear like Walter White


Toss out that old pair. This week, Up Your Fashion Game by buying yourself a new pair of underwear. Even if you’re the only one who knows. And you’ll thank yourself later if you’re not.


“DON’T wear a Mong (a.k.a. Man Thong). Three exceptions: it’s part of a practical joke, it’s part of a dare, your date has a Mong fetish.” – Sarah Laing



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