Shade Your Eyes In Style

When it’s bright outside, you have to shade your eyes. These are the only four styles of sunglasses that you need to know to Up Your Fashion Game: Aviator, Wayfarer, Keyhole, and Clubmaster.

Tortoise Shell Keyhole Sunglasses

These four basic styles are all that you’ll ever need. And within the styles you can show your personality with the lenses and frame color.

First is the best-selling sunglass design ever, the wayfarer. It was invented by Ray Ban in 1956. If you are looking for a frame that will never go out of style, the wayfarer is your best bet. They are a classic, and every brand has one.



The next style is the aviator. They are characterized by their large dark lenses that are sometimes reflective. Aviators were originally designed for pilots. The size and reflectiveness were used to keep the sun out of pilots’ eyes. The teardrop shape compliments most face shapes.




The clubmaster is your more dressed up pair of sunglasses. They will instantly class up an outfit. The clubmaster is actually Ray Ban’s name for the style of glasses called “browline.” Ray Ban came out with their “clubmaster” series in the 1980s and the name clubmaster is now interchangeable with browline.




Last but not least is the keyhole design. This design was particularly popular in the 1950s and 60s. This small detail can change the whole personality of a pair of sunglasses. You can get the keyhole in many styles, like the example below or on a wayfarer. The keyhole can also appear to elongate a shorter nose.




Taking these four different styles into consideration, you need to choose what lenses and frames to get. The example pictures that I have posted above are some very good options. Black wayfarers are classic. Silver aviators will go with the other silver metals you should be wearing like your belt and watch. Tortoise-shell on any style of sunglasses is like a good pair of brown shoes; they will go with everything.

As for lenses, a green lens will pair well with a tortoise-shell (like in the first picture). Black with black frames. Reflective for aviators. But really, it’s up to you, as you’re going to be the one looking through them.

Now go get yourself a pair of sunglasses that match your personality to Up Your Fashion Game.


“While you’ll be getting the most mileage out of them during the blazing summer months, sunglasses are a year-round essential – so it’s worth investing wisely.” – Nick Carvell



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