Sock It To ‘Em

There are two camps on how to pick your socks. You can blend in, or stand out!

I’ll go over both and let you pick your style.


Let’s say that you want to go the conservative route. Maybe you have an interview or your job requires it. The rule is to match your socks to your pants (not your shoes). Think of your socks as an extension of your pants. Navy pants with brown shoes? Navy socks. Khaki pants with black shoes? Khaki socks. The most conservative way to do this is a solid colored sock.


A more edgy version of this conservative look is to do the same thing but throw on a patterned sock that is the same color as your pants like the picture below.


The bolder option is to go with a pop of color. There are actually a couple of ways to do this.

The first is you can bring in a color from another part of your outfit. If you’re wearing a pink shirt, maybe throw on a pair of pink socks. Or if you have a green tie on, slip on some green socks.


The second way you can add a pop of color is to keep it conservative up top with your shirt, tie ect, and then have fun with the socks. Dark suit, white shirt, dark tie? How about a purple sock?! Have fun with it. They’re just socks…

Experiment with patterns. Try an argyle or a striped sock. Just have fun with it.

Whether you decide to go the conservative route and match your socks to you pants, or to add a pop of color to your socks, it’s up to you how you want to Up Your Fashion Game in the sock department.


“Among my favorites are my navy socks with small white polka dots, a pair of brown herringbone socks and some black socks with small red Devil heads on them. They add a little spark when I’m wearing my black suit and a black shirt. At least I won’t be mistaken for a priest.” – Glen O’Brien (The Style Guy)



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