Shoelaces On A Shoestring Budget

Here’s a Quick Tip Tuesday for you. Tired of wearing the same shoes every day and can’t afford to get something new? Or you have a pair that’s just so comfortable that you want to wear them every day? Up Your Fashion Game with some colored shoe laces. They will liven up even your most boring shoes.

What’s great about shoe laces is they take just a few seconds to change out. It’s like putting on a tie. You can wear different shoelaces every day. They are also a great little pop of color. Wearing a purple tie today? Lace up some lilac shoelaces! Get creative and try some different colors.

Tip: Colored shoelaces are a great way to take a very dressy shoe and bring them into the casual realm.

I like to get my shoelaces at my favorite company, TheTieBar, where they are only $3/pair or $12/five pack.

Get one, or five (or ten!!). Just buy some colored shoelaces.

“But remember a little goes a long way, so use caution when mixing sock and lace colors together; no reason you should look like a bag of skittles down there.” – Matthew Sebra


One thought on “Shoelaces On A Shoestring Budget

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