How To Wear & Tie A Scarf

Scarves are such a great accessory that often get overlooked. They are an accessory just like a tie, but with a bit more function. A scarf is a wonderful way to keep that cold wind off your neck, while adding a bit of interest to your outfit. Let’s take a look at how to wear one.

Then three easy ways to tie that scarf you just put on…

Scarves come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Different shapes and sizes are good for different knots. For example, a shorter scarf might not be able to wrap around your neck twice. When looking at scarves, try a couple of different knots to see which looks best. One great scarf to have is a ribbed one. The texture is great and they are extra warm. In those transition months, a thinner scarf might be the answer. It will keep the wind off your neck, but you don’t need the insulation of a thick scarf.

Use a scarf as a way to add a pop of color. You can go bold on a scarf. Try a purple or a turquoise. Most peacoats are black, so that color in your scarf can really pop an outfit. Treat a scarf like a tie for your outerwear. It’s an accessory that you tie around your neck, so why not… And just like a tie, you have different knots to choose from.

The first knot is the Simple Knot . You just drape it around your neck, cross them, then take one and pass it through the loop. As its name suggests, it’s simple. It’s also fast, and looks good.

Simple Knot

Next is the Once Around Knot. Take the scarf and drape it down your back, so it’s covering your throat. Swing those ends back around to the front. Now, you can either let the ends hang down in front like the picture at the top of the page, or tie them like the Simple Knot above. It is a better option for longer scarves and on colder days. You can even go for the Twice Around Knot if your scarf is long enough.

Once Around Knot

The last is the Parisian Knot. Depending on the thickness of the scarf, this could be your warmest knot. It can cover your whole neck. It is also probably the easiest/fastest knot of the three. Fold your scarf in half, drape it over your neck, and put the ends through the loop you created by folding it in half.

Now, Up Your Fashion Game by wearing a scarf. Depending on where you live, it might be chilly (or freezing) for the next five or six months… Protect your neck from the cold and look great doing it.


“Think of a scarf as a necktie for your outerwear – it’s that one accessory that people are going to notice.” – GQ



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