Rock A Knit Lapel Flower

It’s Quick Tip Tuesday time! Up Your Fashion Game this week by wearing a knitted lapel flower. There are so many things you can wear in your lapel button-hole, but a lapel flower is a great choice.


There are a lot of companies making knitted flowers these days, including The Tie Bar, and they are so cheap. The Tie Bar has them for $5 each or 3 for $12. You can also find them on places like and other men’s accessory stores. Most will come with a button on the back that you will just put through the lapel button-hole. More expensive ones will come with a “stem” that will hang down the back. This stem should go through the loop that is about an inch or two from the button-hole. Many suits do no have this thread loop anymore, but a tailor can easily put one on for you, if you wish.

Don’t worry that wearing a flower will make you less manly. It won’t. In fact it’s the opposite. It shows confidence, and will garner many a compliment. You’d be surprised…


“Granted, most guys are not into flowers and probably would not bother buying/wearing something that won’t last more than 24 hours (though you should try).  If you’d like a pop of color that will last, try a knit lapel flower.” – Lindy Dandy



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