Always Use Protection…For Your Clothes

If you treat your clothes right, they will last a lot longer! People these days treat clothes as a disposable item, but they shouldn’t. Learn to take care of them, and they will last!

Let’s go over some ways to save your clothes.



  • Use shoe trees. The cedar will soak up moisture and smell to keep the leather nice. It’s a cheap investment!

  • Polish the leather. It’s like putting lotion on your skin. It keeps it looking and feeling nice! When leather get’s old, it starts to get dry, and it cracks. Keep that moisture in the leather from the beginning!

  • Get them re-soled when they start to wear out. Getting a shoe re-soled will cost little in comparison to a good pair of shoes. You can also get taps placed on the toes to make them last longer, but some people find the clicking annoying.



  • Use a brush to brush off your suit before you hang it up. It will get all those little pieces of dirt and dust out of the pores of the wool. This will keep the wool fresher and you won’t have to get it dry cleaned as often.

  • Speaking of dry cleaning, it’s bad for clothes. You will only need to dry clean your suit once or twice per year depending on how often you wear it (maybe even less). Dry cleaning twice a year should be sufficient for a suit worn once or twice a week. Instead of dry cleaning it, get it pressed. It will keep your suit looking nice without harming the wool. You can also use a hand steamer to get the wrinkles out right before you wear it.
  • Use a wide cedar hanger. The cedar will keep moths from eating your suit. And the wide shoulders of the hanger will keep the shoulders of the suit perfect.

  • Hang your suit in a hanging garment bag. It will protect it from getting eaten my moths and protect it from dust. One made from cloth, or one that has vents is best because the suit needs to breath.



  • When ironing your shirts and pants, make sure your iron is on the right setting for the material. If the iron is too hot, it will slightly melt the material (anything ‘poly’) and look shiny, or scorch it (wool). Use steam to get those wrinkles out, not excess heat.
  • The same advice about dry cleaning suits goes for shirts and pants. Get them pressed if you want, but only dry clean something to get a stain out.



  • When untying ties, don’t just pull the skinny end out. I’m guilty of this, as are most men, I’m sure. You should untie the knot. Pulling the skinny end out of the knot can put a lot of force on the delicate stitching.


Keeping everything looking on point is key. Take care of your clothes to Up Your Fashion Game.


“Properly caring for clothing will ensure that it lasts longer and continues to look fresh and new while you wear it. A proactive approach to caring for your clothes also will cut down on tailoring and repair costs by preventing damage and decreasing the visible signs of normal wear and tear.” – Delialah Falcon



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