Breath New Life Into Your Watch

Wear the same watch every day? An easy way to make it seem like you’ve bought a new watch is to get a new band. I love cloth bands. They are an easy way to add some color and are so easy to swap!

You can get them on amazon for anywhere from $10-$13 and in tons of colors. Just search for NATO watch band plus the size of spring bar you have, like 22mm or whatever size your watch requires. If you need to measure, measure the width of your watch band where it connects to your watch.

To put these watch bands on, just take off your old watch band with a spring bar tool, then put the spring bars back in the watch without the strap. Then weave your cloth strap between the spring bars and the watch.

Now you can Up Your Fashion Game on your wrist. Take that watch you love and get it something nice. Show it you care…


“So we’ve told you this before, but one cheap and easy way to give some new life to that go-to wrist watch is to switch out the band. Afterall, those leather ones can get ripe after a few seasons of wear.” – Andrew Richdale



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