Put Your Wallet On A Diet

It’s Quick Tip Tuesday time, and it’s time to put your wallet on a diet. Swap out that Costanza wallet for a money clip.

A money clip is the best day-to-day wallet. My money clip actually barely has any money in it at all. It’s mostly a “card clip” with a couple of bills thrown in there for backup or tipping.

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Wire Hangers Should Only Be Used For Breaking Into Cars

Anytime you’re hanging something with some form to it, whether it be a coat or a suit, you want to keep that form, and using a wire hanger is not the way to do that.

Wire hangers should only be used for breaking into cars!

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Kick Ass In Some Boots

Kick some ass this fall by wearing boots. But we aren’t talking Timberlands or Red Wings here. These are a next level boot. They are a dress boot that you can wear anywhere, anytime (even with a suit). You want some boots that are going to Up Your Fashion Game.

When you’re standing, these look like any other lace up. Then, sit down and cross your legs…BAM! A boot!

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