The Tie Bar Has Scarves Now

This Quick Tip Tuesday is to let you know that The Tie Bar, our favorite accessory company, is making scarves now!

They are all $25 and come in 12 versions right now.

The patterns include plaid, solid, knit, houndstooth, and glen plaid. And each of those have a couple of colors. They are 70″ long x 12″ wide.

Be sure to check out How To Wear & Tie A Scarf if you haven’t already. There’s a lot of options when wearing a scarf! Color, pattern, length/width, material, knot!

Oh, and they are 100% wool, so they are 100% guaranteed to keep you warm while you Up Your Fashion Game.


“Throw one on over your suit or sports jacket, or knot it tightly beneath your overcoat for a dash of cold-weather panache.” – GQ



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