Kick Ass In Some Boots

Kick some ass this fall by wearing boots. But we aren’t talking Timberlands or Red Wings here. These are a next level boot. They are a dress boot that you can wear anywhere, anytime (even with a suit). You want some boots that are going to Up Your Fashion Game.

When you’re standing, these look like any other lace up. Then, sit down and cross your legs…BAM! A boot!

Boots are a great addition to your shoe collection. They are something unexpected and they will make you feel like a bad ass. You want something that looks like your lace up, but it goes up past your ankle. They could be a cap toe, a wingtip, or a plain toe. Doesn’t matter.

If those boots aren’t quite your style, another option for a boot is not quite a full boot but an ankle boot. It’s the chukka boot. Chukka boots are your more casual boot. They are characterized by their ankle height and 2-3 eyelets. They are also usually made from suede or calfskin. The chukka can make a dressed up outfit not look so pretentious or they could dress up your jeans a little. The great thing about a chukka is it walks the line between casual and dressy. Make it what you want.

And if some of you were wondering what the difference between a desert boot and a chukka boot is, a desert boot is a chukka with a crepe rubber sole.

So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes, look no further. Get yourself a pair of dress boots to Up Your Fashion Game.


“Go incognito with a longer hem or shorter and cuffed for an ‘I’m the stylish S.O.B. in dress boots’ kinda statement.” – Editors of GQ



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