Advice To Keep You Looking Sharp

Here’s some advice that I’d like to share with you for QuickTipTuesday. When you’re shopping or going to a tailor, know what YOU want or know what style YOU’RE going for. Everyone has an opinion about what will look good on you, but you need to know what you want before you even start.

Sales people are just many times trying to make a sale and may say something looks good on you to do just that. Don’t take their advice. Know what looks good on you, and don’t let someone tell you otherwise. If you want someone’s opinion, bring a friend who will tell you their truthful opinion, but don’t take someone’s word for it that you don’t know.

The same goes with a tailor. Know what you want to have done (or how you want the end result to look) before you get there. Tailors see many clients who all have their own styles. Make sure you communicate what you want clearly, and don’t settle for something that isn’t great. You’re at a tailor for a reason.

Even if someone says “most people prefer this…”, you’re not most people, are you?. You’re trying to Up Your Fashion Game.


“He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear—that everything looks great on you, that the store’s tailor can fix any suit. And you can almost be guaranteed his sense of style will be different from yours […] Remember, you’re the boss, not him.” – GQ



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