The Rule Of One

I have come up with something I call “The Rule of One.” The Rule of One is basically, you should wear you’re basics as a base, and then you can add one thing your outfit that stands out. But there are exceptions and other considerations to this rule, so read on!

To review some of your basics (part 1 and part 2): fitted dress shirts, dark jeans, khaki/navy chinos or shorts, polos, brown/black shoes (with a belt to match), socks that match your pants, a jean jacket, a navy/charcoal suit, sweaters, and a peacoat.

Using those basics, think about the formality of the situation and dress appropriately. Then one up it. It’s always better to be dressed better than everyone than to not be dressed up enough. Now to use the Rule of One and add something to your outfit that stands out; you have a lot of options here, and this is where you can showcase your style. Here are some options that I like:

  • A vest with jeans and a fitted shirt
  • A tie in a casual situation
  • Striped, polka dot, or argyle socks
  • A colorful scarf

You can get away with having something stand out when the rest of your outfit is subtle and put together. This goes for formal situations too. When you’re wearing a suit, try a strong gingham patterned shirt with a solid tie and conservative colors everywhere else. The Rule of One.

Last, rules are meant to be broken… If you are feeling particularly rakish one day, go for it. Wear a pocket square in your vest. Wear a loud tie and socks. Pair some colors that you’ve never tried before. Just know how to follow the rules before you go breaking them…

Use the Rule of One to Up Your Fashion Game on a daily basis!

“Style rules are made to be broken but you have to know them to do it right.” – Glenn O’Brien


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