Better Posture = Better Fit

It’s Quick Tip Tuesday time! Here’s my tip (and challenge) for you this week: An easy way to make your clothes fit better and look better is to have better posture. Stand up straight and pull your shoulder back. No slouching. This has all sorts of advantages.

Your chest will fill out that shirt and jacket more. You’ll literally be taller because you’re not hunched over. Your shoulders will look bigger. You will have more confidence in general because you’re looking sharp and put together. You’ll feel like you can command the room.

The only difference between these two pictures is the man is slouching his shoulders in the left picture. It’s an easy fix.

Last, there’s actually health benefits to standing up straight. Your spine will be lined up like it’s supposed to be. This will relieve some stress that you were putting on your joints and muscles to hold your bones in the incorrect position (read: sore lower back). You will also be engaging other muscles like your abdominal muscles. This will take some strain off your lower back and spread the work over more muscle groups.

You’re body won’t be used to it, so it will be tiring to stand up straight. Keep at it. It will get easier. This goes for sitting too. We love to slouch over our computers. Sit up straight as well. You want to exude confidence while sitting too.

In short, Better Posture = Better Fit. There’s really no reason for you to slouch anymore. Up Your Fashion Game by standing up straight.


“A great outfit can easily be ruined by a person with round shoulders or a hunched back, but it is something that could so easily be avoided. […] If you stand up against a wall and your bum, shoulders and the back of your head is touching it then you’ve got it right.” – Will Colman 



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