Wire Hangers Should Only Be Used For Breaking Into Cars

Anytime you’re hanging something with some form to it, whether it be a coat or a suit, you want to keep that form, and using a wire hanger is not the way to do that.

Wire hangers should only be used for breaking into cars!

You want to use a hanger that has some width to it, especially in the ends near the shoulders. This will keep the shoulders looking nice. There are plastic hangers that have this as well. They will keep the form of the garment looking just as good as a wooden hanger will.

But there is one thing a wooden hanger can do for you that a plastic one cannot…

If your hangers are cedar, they will deter moths from eating your clothes. No one likes to find moth holes in their favorite piece of clothing!

Obviously an extreme example

Last, your closet will look fantastic with all matching wooden hangers, and that should be reason enough!


“You know those wire hangers from the dry cleaner? Get rid of them. You should invest in quality wooden ones. They’ll keep your suits and shirts looking good and your closet even better.” – The GQ Eye



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