Put Your Wallet On A Diet

It’s Quick Tip Tuesday time, and it’s time to put your wallet on a diet. Swap out that Costanza wallet for a money clip.

A money clip is the best day-to-day wallet. My money clip actually barely has any money in it at all. It’s mostly a “card clip” with a couple of bills thrown in there for backup or tipping.

I’ll admit it. I had a Costanza wallet. I loved my tri-fold that had everything I could ever need in any situation! Then I tried a money clip. Surprisingly, I barely needed anything in that monstrosity.

Here’s what I carry in my money clip: Drivers license, Credit card, $20, Debit card, and my Student ID (because I still get discounts with it. Just don’t tell them I already graduated…)

All of those other cards that you think you need, you really don’t. I keep them in my old wallet in the car because that’s when I need them. Movie theater gift card? I’m going to drive to the movies anyway. Frequent shoppers cards, almost every one you can just enter a phone number. The moral of the story is, take a look at what you actually use, and just carry that around. Then find a handy place for the rest. For me and all those restaurant cards and such do just fine in my car.

The best part about a money clip is you can put it in your front pocket because it’s so slim.

Just ask yourself, do you really need that in your wallet?

Jerry couldn’t have said it better: “Show this card at any participating Orlando-area Exxon station…to get your free ‘Save the Tiger’ poster.” 




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