Upgrade Your Keychain

Quick Tip Tuesday time, and it’s time to upgrade your keychain or key fob. You see it all the time: the lanyard keychain. It’s time to get rid of that lanyard with your college logo and upgrade to something that’s stylish and possibly useful.

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Layers Are Your Friend

Layers are you best friend because layers create interest. And don’t you want your clothes to be interesting? If you’re reading this, then my guess is yes.

There are so many ways to use the basics you already have in your closet to layer your outfit. Let’s take a look at how to layer your clothes as well as some examples.

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Facial Hair

A part of fashion is the person wearing the clothes. Therefore, it would make sense that you’re body is part of the equation. Facial hair is a highly debated topic, but a recent study has shown that people find a 10-day beard growth the most attractive.

Having 5 days of growth was too little and was seen as not dense enough or evenly distributed, while a full beard looked too unkempt. The second best option to having heavy stubble was being clean shaven.

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Brand Names Don’t Matter To Me

To me, brand names simply don’t matter. I just care how it looks. This conversation happens all the time for various pieces of clothing and it goes like this:

Someone: “Oh, I really like your (insert clothing item). Where did you get them?!”

Me: “(Insert something like Target or a thrift store)”

Someone: “Really? They look more expensive than that.” or “I didn’t know you could get those there…”


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Experiment With Texture

Everyone should experiment with different textures and materials in the things they wear. Using what you already know about pairing colors, use those pairings but with a different material.

I’ve touched on this before when talking about corduroy, but it applies for everything you wear.

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How To Wear Suspenders

This week we’ll be going over how to suspend your pants in proper fashion. It’s not just a fashion accessory but also a functional accessory when used correctly.

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The Duffle Coat

This Quick Tip Tuesday is here to introduce you to a coat that you may have not heard of before. Or maybe you have seen it but didn’t know what it was. It’s the Duffle/Toggle Coat.

In the “sea” of naval inspired coats like the peacoat, the duffle coat is a great option to stand out from the crowd.

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