How To Dress When Traveling

How you dress while you travel says a lot about you. You want to be the kind of traveler that looks great while everyone else looks like they were on a plane for eight hours. You never know, the person next to you might give you your next job…

Let’s go over some ways to travel like a pro and look good doing it!

Before you get to the airport, you have to decide what to wear. If you need to wear a suit or a blazer, pack your suit pants but wear the jacket. It will get much less wrinkled if you wear it than if you packed it. Darker colors will hide wrinkles and stains easier than lighter ones. Pack darker clothes while traveling to save space in your suitcase. Navy blue is a great choice.

Wear loafers because you can slip them on and off so easily. None of that lacing up your shoes business.

Next, avoid wearing a belt. One way to do this is to wear pants with side tabs. They are a great and stylish alternative to a belt.

Tip: Look for people in line who are doing the same things as you. It’ll be much faster!

When you get to your hotel, hang up everything with wrinkles in the bathroom, and turn the shower on hot – full blast. The heat and moisture will loosen up the fabric and help with the wrinkles. Use the iron after that if they persist.

The last thing about dressing to impress while traveling is it boosts your mood! You stand a little taller and are proud of your appearance. Plus, others will be jealous of how you look, and who doesn’t love that?

Up Your Fashion Game next time you have to travel (whether it’s for business or pleasure). You’ll be glad you made the extra effort.


“Most Americans view traveling as something that’s about as enjoyable as the flu, and they dress accordingly.  Pajama pants, sweats, crocs, and hooded sweatshirts are the uniform of the coach traveling masses.  But you don’t have to look like, feel like, and dress like you’re infected.” – Joe Weber




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