Rotate Your Shoes

Quick Tip Tuesday time! Let’s get started.

Giving leather shoes time to breathe between wears will make them last longer and keep their shape. This is why when you get home, you put shoe trees in them. It helps keep their form while they air out.

When you have your sweaty feet encased in leather for a day, the leather soaks up some of that sweat (and smell!). This is why you need to let them rest for a day or so to regain their shape and rid their smell.

Making your shoes last longer isn’t the only reason to switch between shoes during the week. By having multiple shoes in your wardrobe, you can pair them with the outfit you’re wearing that day. If you have corduroy pants on, that chunky material will pair well with a chunky shoe like a chukka boot. If you’re wearing a slim cut pair of khakis, maybe a wingtip would be more appropriate.

For whatever your reason, switch up your shoes!


“Yes, if you want your shoes to last, you need shoe trees. Ones made from cedar. They’ll preserve the shape of your shoes, prevent them from developing deep creases, absorb moisture, and even make them smell better.” – GQ



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