How To Sew A Button

Learning how to sew a button is a very basic and useful skill. It’s not hard, and you can stop asking your mother to do it for you!

Sewing a button back on that has fallen off isn’t the only reason to know how to do it either.

The other reason to know how to sew a button is to change how a shirt fits. I move the buttons on all of my shirts so the cuff falls to the correct length on my hand. The cuff on my left hand is usually looser than the right because I almost always wear a watch. This is where two button barrel cuffs come in handy. For your watch hand, you can have button setting for your watch and one without.  You can also move the top button of the collar to make it slightly tighter or looser (but not by much or it won’t be straight).

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Needle (preferably 2)
  • 24″ of Thread
  • The Button

Step 1:

Thread the needle and fold the thread in half so it’s doubled over. Then tie a couple of knots in the end so the thread won’t come through the fabric

Step 2:

Start sewing the button on (either an X pattern of two parallel lines). Put another needle or something small in between the thread and the button like the picture below. Do six passes.

For both sides.

Step 3:

When you’re done with the six passes for each, wrap the thread under the button around six times.

And then thread it down to the bottom of the fabric

Step 4:

Tie it off with a couple of knots and cut the extra off.

Now you can sew a button! It’s very useful to know how and can make your clothes fit a little better!

“You might think that sewing is “girly stuff,” and rely on your mom or wife to replace your buttons for you. But you never know when you’re going to be on your own and need this skill in a pinch; knowing how to sew on a button is a small way of making yourself more self-sufficient.” – Antonio Centeno


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