The Duffle Coat

This Quick Tip Tuesday is here to introduce you to a coat that you may have not heard of before. Or maybe you have seen it but didn’t know what it was. It’s the Duffle/Toggle Coat.

In the “sea” of naval inspired coats like the peacoat, the duffle coat is a great option to stand out from the crowd.

The duffle coat gets its name from the material it’s made from. Duffle is a thick course material (and what duffle bags used to be made of before they became canvas).

The other name for a duffle coat is a toggle coat. This name comes from the toggle-fastenings that close the jacket. These are made from horn, wood, or plastic with rope or leather attaching them to the jacket. British sailors wore these jackets because the toggle-fastenings were easy to open and close while wearing gloves on the cold sea.

Some traditional characteristics of a duffle coat are:

  • Made of duffle material
  • Three or four toggle-fastenings
  • Large patch pockets
  • A large hood to wear over a Naval cap (but are sometimes excluded now like in the first picture)
  • A buttonable neck strap
  • Knee length (but modern cuts hit mid-thigh or higher)
  • Originally camel colored but come in many colors now

Tip: This is a more casual jacket than others such as a peacoat.

So if you’re looking to add a new jacket to your wardrobe, Up Your Fashion Game with a duffle coat.


“For a silhouette that’s been around as long as the duffle coat, introduced to the world during World War I, it’s remarkable that the outerwear style still feels just as fresh today.” – GQ



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