How To Wear Suspenders

This week we’ll be going over how to suspend your pants in proper fashion. It’s not just a fashion accessory but also a functional accessory when used correctly.

To start off, suspenders (called “braces” in British English) are cloth straps used to hold your pants up. There are two ways that they connect to the pants: clips and buttons. Clips just clip onto the pants with alligator teeth. When they are attached with buttons, there are buttons sewn onto the inside of the waistband (outside on pants without belt loops) where the suspenders attach. Suspenders used to be considered “underwear” and should never been seen. In modern times, they have become a throwback accessory much like the collar bar and tie bar.

So there is really only one rule when wearing suspenders: Do not wear a belt while wearing suspender!

Both suspenders and a belt… NEVER

A belt and suspenders do the same thing, so wearing both is ridiculous (like wearing a vest and a tie bar). It’s strictly one or the other.

Tip: Our favorite accessory store, TheTieBar, sells suspenders now!

Lastly, ties and suspenders are very similar when it comes to style. The skinnier the suspenders, the more fashion forward they are. Same goes with conservativeness of the color and pattern.


[…] for best results [suspenders] should attach to the trousers with buttons. Any tailor can fit one’s trousers with buttons, as well as remove belt loops, which is the appropriate course should one make the commitment to suspended trousers. Nothing looks worse than suspenders with unused belt loops, unless it is suspenders with used belt loops—the ultimate sartorial sign of the pessimist.” – Glenn O’Brien (The Style Guy)



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