Experiment With Texture

Everyone should experiment with different textures and materials in the things they wear. Using what you already know about pairing colors, use those pairings but with a different material.

I’ve touched on this before when talking about corduroy, but it applies for everything you wear.

Once you own the basics (Part 1 & Part 2), you can really start to try new things. Pair a shirt with a wool knit tie. Wear green corduroy pants with a basic shirt. Stick a chambray pocket square in your jacket. Buy a tweed blazer or suit for the colder months.

There’s so many options to try that will Up Your Fashion Game just by using the tools you’ve learned here. It elevates a look by adding depth and dimension to an outfit.

Here’s Jim Nelson, Editor-in-Chief of GQ, wearing a tweed suit and killing it.

All I look for anymore when I go shopping are interesting pieces that catch my eye. I have all the basics that I need to put together tons of outfits. Now I just find that something special that will elevate it.

That’s your Quick Tip Tuesday: Wear more textures.


“A silk knit tie instantly adds texture and dimension to any shirt it’s paired with, and lifts the most basic, flat suit to stylish new heights.” – Jim Moore



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