Facial Hair

A part of fashion is the person wearing the clothes. Therefore, it would make sense that you’re body is part of the equation. Facial hair is a highly debated topic, but a recent study has shown that people find a 10-day beard growth the most attractive.

Having 5 days of growth was too little and was seen as not dense enough or evenly distributed, while a full beard looked too unkempt. The second best option to having heavy stubble was being clean shaven.

As a man with a neatly trimmed beard, I am a fan of this. And this is good news, because I’m not about to go clean shaven… I love my beard! My personal preference is somewhere actually in between the heavy and light stubble in the picture from the study above. Maybe something like Jake Gyllenhaal here or a little longer. It’s a nice and full beard but it’s still clean.


To sum this all up, either have a some good growth going that you keep trimmed to a certain length, or stay clean shaven. It depends on if you can grow a nice and full beard or not, but either way, you’re keeping everything clean.


“Great as beards are—and we could go on another millennium about how much we dig them—the truth is they’re not for every guy. Specifically they’re not for guys who can’t grow them fully. There’s nothing worse than a dude with a mold-like mess of patches all over his face.” – A.R.



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