Layers Are Your Friend

Layers are you best friend because layers create interest. And don’t you want your clothes to be interesting? If you’re reading this, then my guess is yes.

There are so many ways to use the basics you already have in your closet to layer your outfit. Let’s take a look at how to layer your clothes as well as some examples.

You can layer with everything from a sweater to a blazer to a jacket.

The easiest is to layer with a sweater (a sweater vest does the same thing but can add a little professor persona). V-neck sweaters are easier than crew necks because you can see the layers underneath easier (plus it creates that flattering inverted triangle). You can wear a tie or not. It looks good either way. Keeping the collar inside the v-neck will look a little more buttoned up, but if you’re feeling wild, just let them fly about at will…



The next layer option is a blazer. This is a classic look and is very flattering to the male figure. It again has the inverted triangle and creates a smooth silhouette. As long as it’s tailored, you’re golden.


The last example I’ll show is using outerwear as a layer. This could be a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or a peacoat. Anything. The lighter jackets can be worn inside without breaking into a sweat but keep the chilly wind off your back. A good option in the spring and fall.


After you’ve mastered these individually, try combining them! On a chilly day, do a V-neck with a blazer. Try a puffer vest over a sweater or a waistcoat under a jacket. Go for the three-piece suit! Try them out and see what works for you!


The last thing I will leave you with is the one guideline for layering: The thinner the layer, generally, the closer to your body it should go.


“[Layering is] also a very practical way of dressing: you can add a layer in the morning when it’s still chilly, remove it when it heats up in the afternoon and then slip it back on when the sun begins to set and temperatures start dropping.” – Neil Doveton



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