Upgrade Your Keychain

Quick Tip Tuesday time, and it’s time to upgrade your keychain or key fob. You see it all the time: the lanyard keychain. It’s time to get rid of that lanyard with your college logo and upgrade to something that’s stylish and possibly useful.

Your keychain should reflect the current you. The stylish you. Whatever you do decide to attach to your keys can also be useful. I personally have my keys on a cool old carabiner that I found in my parent’s house. I also have a Gerber Shard multi tool on it. Whatever you put on it, it should reflect your personality, style, and lifestyle, and if you’re reading this, that is not a college lanyard.

Sure, maybe it helps you not lose your keys but here’s a tip: get yourself a valet tray that you put the stuff in your pockets in when you get home so you don’t lose them.

Up Your Fashion Game this week by upgrading your keychain. When the rest of your wardrobe is looking sharp, you shouldn’t be stuffing your ugly keychain into it.

What do you have on your keychain?


“You’ve got the tailored suit and the buffed-to-gleaming shoes. Even your haircut is on point. Yet your keys are still tethered to a promotional bottle opener from Señor Frog’s and that foot-long cloth loop you received at freshman orientation. It’s graduation time, friend.” – Mark Byrne 



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