Tired Of Wearing Jeans?

It can be easy to throw on a pair of jeans, but it can get boring after a while. You should mix it up! Jeans are easy, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you wear.

The easiest pair of pants to substitute for jeans are a pair of navy chinos. They are the same color of jeans but give your outfit a little bump. Just wear them with your same shirts that you would with jeans. They should even fit similar to jeans (just not as tight for the most part). They should be slim through the leg without being tight, and they should just touch the top of your shoes. For more info on how pants should fit, see Fit Is Everything – Part 2 (The Pants).

Your other option is to venture out into the whole world of other pants you could wear. These can range from different colors (khaki, grey, blue, red, green, or patterns), to different materials/textures (cotton, wool, corduroy, tweed). You’ll feel like you have a new wardrobe because chinos will give your wardrobe a new twist.

You don’t have to pick just jeans or chinos for the rest of eternity, but try to Up Your Fashion Game this week by wearing something other than jeans.


“We’re not announcing a ban on denim. But we do think you should branch out. For moves that will set you apart, learn how to wear trousers, dress chinos, motopants, and more” – GQ



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