What Is This Pocket For?

Suits have a lot of pockets, but what should you be using them for (or not using them for)?

Most suit jackets/blazers will have five pockets: two inner breast pockets, two outer pockets, and an outer breast pocket. Then your pants will usually have three or four more: two in the front and one or two in the back.

A more rare pocket (shown above) is a “ticket pocket.” Ticket pockets come from British style where one would put their train ticket or opera ticket. They are mostly for style these days, but if you want to stick your theater tickets, train/bus ticket or something in there, go right ahead.

Tip: Your main goal when putting things in any of your pockets is that it’s not bulky. If it is, find another place to put it.

The outside breast pocket is for a pocket square. I’ve gone over how to wear a pocket square in the past, so I won’t go into detail about that. It’s your choice to wear one or not because you have to pick your accessories wisely.

Usually, the two outer pockets on a suit jacket aren’t used. Anything you put in them is pretty bulky because of the location and they are sometimes awkward to get to. Your two inner pockets usually carry anything thin. This can be papers, a thin wallet (money clip), a phone, ect. Plus, they are easily accessible.

Last are the pockets on your pants. The front two pockets of your pants can carry something a little thicker, like your keys. I actually don’t put anything in my back pants pockets because I don’t like to sit on it. I put my wallet (read: money clip) in my front pants pocket (it also prevents getting pick-pocketed).

Moral of the story is, someone shouldn’t be able to tell that you have something in your pockets.


“Beauty is about symmetry. Unless you’re carrying two wallets, you look lopsided. Even when you have a vented jacket on, you’ve still got a bump on your ass. Why would you want a bump on your ass?” – Robert Verdi



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