This week’s article was about different kinds of shirt cuffs, and it talked about french cuffs. I thought it would be appropriate for this Quick Tip Tuesday to discuss cufflinks.

As discussed in the french cuff article, cufflinks are used in place of buttons to keep your shirt cuffs closed. These days, french cuffs with cufflinks are a part of formal attire. They aren’t for the office. Cufflinks are for formal occasions.

Cufflinks are one of the few ways a gentleman can wear jewelry. They are a chance to show off a little bit of your personality. How? Cufflinks come in so many styles, there’s one for everyone.

You can go classic with silver cufflinks.


You can go simple with silk knot cufflinks.


Or you can go with something that reflects an interest or hobby in your life. Just don’t be tacky. Keep it simple.


Whatever you choose, make sure it fits who you are. You’re probably going to get asked about your cufflinks, so feel comfortable wearing them and possibly explaining the significance.


“Nowadays, as formal attire is back on the upswing, cufflinks are experiencing a bit of a comeback, allowing men to show off a bit of attitude without becoming tacky. Next time you stop by your favorite shop, do yourself a favor, grab a dress shirt with some French cuffs and a nice pair of cufflinks, you’ll be one step closer to making all your friends think you’re some kind of oil baron. Or at least the best dressed guy around.” – Jake Gallagher



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