Say No To Square Toes

My Quick Tip for you this Tuesday is if you still own square toe dress shoes, throw them out. Seriously… Put them in the Goodwill pile or something. Whatever you do, just don’t wear them.

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The Air Tie

In the March issue of GQ, they are endorsing the “air tie,” or intentionally leaving out a tie while still buttoning the shirt up all the way. They call it a “tweaked retro vibe.” This week’s post is more of an exploratory post. Let’s discuss and look at some examples. I want to hear what you guys think and I’ll give my opinion as well!

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How To Do Casual Friday (The Right Way)

Casual Friday isn’t an excuse to not care about how you look. Casual Friday is a time to show the office your personal style. Obviously every office environment is different, but hopefully you can pull some inspiration from this and translate it for your own situation.

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The Cardigan

The cardigan is a sweater with buttons down the front. It’s a great layering piece that is really versatile in the colder months. Let’s take a look at some different styles of cardigans and how to wear them.

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How To Hem Dress Pants

Having your pants fit correctly is important! I’ve covered how they should fit in Fit Is Everything – Part 2 (The Pants). After doing the How To Tailor A Shirt article and video, I’ve had a lot of requests for a tutorial on how to tailor pants, so this week we’re going to learn how to hem dress pants.

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How To Wear A Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a rare site these days. If you happen to inherit one, like I did from my great-grandfather, or if you simply go out and buy one, the next step is to learn how to wear it!


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