Brown Is Being Overlooked

Brown is being overlooked in a lot of guys’ wardrobes. It’s a rich color that has a lot of nice combinations. Let’s take a look at some!

The most recent trend you’ll hear about for wearing brown is to mix it with blue. Brown and blue look great together. There’s no denying that. The picture above shows a pinstripe navy suit, light blue gingham shirt, and a brown wool plaid tie. It works, and it works in any shade of brown and blue. If you have a brown blazer, wear it with blue chinos. Now, go over to your closet and see what brown and blue items you have and try them out.

A tie or pocket square is a way to throw a small amount of brown into an outfit, but if you want to go all out, we see James Franco rocking a brown suit with and blue shirt and tie below. For most, this probably isn’t a wise move unless you have five other suits in your closet. It’s not that versatile, and I’m all about versatility (especially for expensive items like a suit)! Plus, it looks great now, but in five years, that suit might seem rather dated. You don’t know. But your navy or charcoal suit won’t be. That’s for sure.

Another great combo with brown is brown and pink. It’s an easy one to do. Try a pink shirt with a brown tie. Or a pink tie with khakis – it’s light brown – with brown shoes of course!

To Up Your Fashion Game in these colder months, try to incorporate some more brown into your wardrobe. You’ll stand out from the crowd.


“[Brown and blue.] It makes perfect sense: You have a warm color meeting a cooler one. And the freshest place to do it right now is with your shirt and tie. Just add a couple of brown shirts and ties to the blue you already own and the possibilities quickly become limitless and, best of all, totally mistake-proof.” – Andrew Richdale



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