How To Wear A Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a rare site these days. If you happen to inherit one, like I did from my great-grandfather, or if you simply go out and buy one, the next step is to learn how to wear it!


There are three types of clasps/ways to attach a pocket watch to yourself. What you’re going to wear with your pocket watch will determine which you pick. Let’s go through the three styles.


The first, and the oldest, is the t-bar, which I have on my pocket watch pictured above. A t-bar goes through a button-hole (or sometimes a specifically made hole!) as seen below. It is most commonly worn with a vest and put in your dominant hand’s pocket.

Pocketwatch T-Bar


The next type is called a spring-ring. This one is a little more versatile because it can clip to multiple places. It can clip through the button-hole like the t-bar does, but it can also clip around a belt loop or something similar if you are putting in your pocket.

Tip: That small pocket inside of your chino’s pocket is actually for a pocket watch. Same goes for that smaller pocket on jeans (but the size of this pocket has shrunk in modern times making it hard or impossible to fit a pocket watch in them) as seen in the picture above.


The last style is a belt clip. This is also for putting the pocket watch in your pants pocket.


In my opinion, wearing a pocket watch with a vest is the best time to wear one. You’re already dressing up, and a pocket watch is a dressy watch. At least wear it with chinos. To me, the two pictures above with jeans are not good examples, but they are the best I could find. To me, a pocket watch with jeans looks awkward. I like to wear my pocket watch like they did from the time in which it came.

Do you own a pocket watch? How do you wear it? Post about it in the comments.


“With so few pieces of jewellery acceptable on a man, we gents have to think hard about how to introduce a bit of bling into our outfits. Tiepins have become a commonplace sight, post-Mad Men, but a decent pocket watch will still raise eyebrows.” – Robert Johnston



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