Meet The Shoehorn

It’s Quick Tip Tuesday time, and this week, if you don’t already know what one is, I want to introduce you to a shoehorn.

shoe horn

A shoehorn (or shoe horn) is a device that makes putting on your shoes easier while also not destroying the heel of your shoe. It is put in the back of the shoe so your heel slides down it with ease without crushing the leather in the back.

Shoehorns come in many different materials ranging from plastic to metal to actual horn, but they are all going to do the same thing for you. They also come in different lengths. Most are shorter, but the longer ones are made so you don’t have to bend over as far or for putting on boots.

If you’ve had trouble squeezing your foot into a shoe before, get a shoehorn. They’re a handy tool that will make your life just the tiniest bit easier while preserving your shoes.

If you don’t already have one, get yourself a shoehorn.


“Every time you jam your heel into a shoe, an old Italian cobbler dies. Use a shoehorn to prevent damage.” – Esquire



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