The Cardigan

The cardigan is a sweater with buttons down the front. It’s a great layering piece that is really versatile in the colder months. Let’s take a look at some different styles of cardigans and how to wear them.

The cardigan started as a knit vest (waistcoat) that would be worn under a jacket. Now it has evolved into different styles, but they all have buttons with a deep v neck. Since cardigans started as a waistcoat, try wearing it like one.

Tip: Just like a waistcoat, you should never button the bottom button. You don’t have to button the top button either, if you don’t feel like it.

The great thing about most cardigans is that they are so thin. They add warmth without the bulk. Another advantage to the cardigan is the classic inverted triangle I always talk about. It makes your torso appear thinner while making your shoulders look larger.

Tip #2: Never tuck a cardigan in. You can tuck your other v-neck sweaters in but not the cardigan.


Most are thin, but one type of cardigan you can experiment with is the shawl collar cardigan. These are usually cable knit sweaters with a large collar. Since they are so thick, you almost want to think of this type of cardigan as outerwear. That oversized collar will keep the wind off your neck like a scarf would. Here’s a medium-sized shawl collar as a casual look.


My last piece of advice to Up Your Fashion Game when wearing cardigans: Always get the smallest size cardigan that fits you. It’s easy to look like you’re carrying extra weight with a cardigan. If you’re wearing it as outerwear, it’s okay for it to be a little larger, but if you can, go for a tight fit.


“It doesn’t seem so long ago that the cardigan was seen as the reserve of an older generation, something to be filed alongside slippers and a pipe. How times have changed. Today’s cardigan is a world away from the cosy knit that grandpa used to wear: smart, stylish and super-versatile, it’s as much a wardrobe staple as the classic crew-neck sweater.” – Mr. Porter



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