How To Do Casual Friday (The Right Way)

Casual Friday isn’t an excuse to not care about how you look. Casual Friday is a time to show the office your personal style. Obviously every office environment is different, but hopefully you can pull some inspiration from this and translate it for your own situation.

Maybe sometimes you feel like you need to dress a certain way at work. Casual Friday is your time to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear in your office setting.

If you work at a super conservative office where you wear a dark suit everyday, maybe your Casual Friday involves not wearing a tie or wearing some loud socks. If you work at an office where you wear a shirt and tie to work, try throwing on some colored shoelaces. It all depends on how you normally dress at work, but get creative.

This example below may be a little extreme and fashion forward, but it’s still serves as a learning aid. The guy on the left thinks he’s dressing appropriately for casual friday. He tried, but he didn’t show any personality. He didn’t show any pride in his appearance.

Aim to be the best dressed (doesn’t mean most formal!) in the office on a casual friday! Use these tips to Up Your Fashion Game this Friday.


“Casual Friday should not be an excuse to dress like a bum, this should be the day to showcase that you have a refine sense of style that does not need a suit or tie to prove your case.” – Sabir Peele



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