The Air Tie

In the March issue of GQ, they are endorsing the “air tie,” or intentionally leaving out a tie while still buttoning the shirt up all the way. They call it a “tweaked retro vibe.” This week’s post is more of an exploratory post. Let’s discuss and look at some examples. I want to hear what you guys think and I’ll give my opinion as well!

The photo above is Jonny Lee Miller from Elementary. He’s been rocking this look for a year and a half now, and I’ve really liked the look on him from the beginning. Others disagreed at the time, but now that GQ recommended it, I’m sure it will start popping up everywhere.

This look definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s bold. It’s retro. It’s minimalist.

air tie 1

For me, I see this as something you can experiment with when going out, but it depends on how conservative your office is if you want to try it there or not. It’s kind of flashy, which is ironic since you’re omitting something.

My opinion on the subject? I will try it. But since it’s such a new trend, I think people are going to be a little put off by it. I’ve liked the look of it when it’s all simple like Miller from Elementary does it or Steven Yeun below. We’ll see how it all plays out…

air tie 2

But I want to hear what you think of this. First, would you every try it? If so, when would you wear it? How would you wear it? Sound off in the comments!


“Yes, we intentionally forgot the necktie, and so should you. Button your shirts all the way up this spring for a tweaked retro vibe (think ’50s greasers, ’80s new wavers, and ’90s minimalists) that’s every bit as dressed up as wearing a tie. We first saw this move simmering about a year ago on trendy streets and fashion runways, and not it’s boiling over. just remember that the no-tie look works bes with a semispread-collar shirt and a killer suit or blazer. So go tie one on – without really tying one on at all.” – Jim Moore



2 thoughts on “The Air Tie

  1. I have tried it a couple of times. I even did it once at work and I got a couple of weird looks. I will have to try it again and see how it goes at work.

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