Early To Be Thinking About Swimsuits?

No, it’s not too early to be thinking about your swimwear this summer! Retail is always a season ahead so it’s time to start shopping for a new swimsuit. Since you’re Upping Your Fashion Game, you better make sure your swimsuits are just as on point as the rest of your wardrobe.

Advice For all body types:

As I always say, it’s ALL about FIT. Swimsuits are no different. You shouldn’t wear a swimsuit that is longer than your knees, and the leg opening should be proportionate to the size of your leg.

If you’re skinny:

You’ve got it pretty easy. Just make sure you don’t wear something too big. That’s all you have to worry about! You don’t have to be self-conscious  You’re not going to stand out in a bad way unless you’re swimming in your swimsuit (sorry for the pun…) You can pick the color and pattern you want. If you’re trying to look bigger, use horizontal patterns to do that, not a bigger size suit!

If you’re athletic:

You should be proud of your body that you work hard on. In the picture below, we see a fit young man, who is wearing a very common fit of swim trunks. That’s it. It’s common, and it fits very poorly. When we go to the suit on the right, he’s now a stand out. Besides the fit, when you’re athletic, you can go for bold color and pattern choices. It will draw attention to your body, if that’s what you’re looking to do.swimsuit before-after

If you’re larger:

When you hide under extra material, we automatically assume you’re filling that up. I’m not saying it has to be super tight; just be conscious of that fact. You shouldn’t wear stand out colors. Solids are a good choice as opposed to patterns. Black is easy, but you can mix it up if you’re more comfortable. If you do want to go with a pattern, vertical stripes up the sides will be slimming.

So before the weather get’s nice and you need a suit on short notice, plan ahead and get a swimsuit that fits!


“Surf trunks haven’t disappeared, they’ve simply been brought up to date. While certain characteristics have never changed—you should still look for flat-front trunks with a Velcro fly and a lace tie—the cut is now more Dr. J and less Dwayne Wade.” – GQ



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