Spring/Summer Shoes

We’re starting to get a couple of warm days here and there, so that means it’s time to start thinking about spring/summer clothes. Today we’re going to look at what shoes you should wear in the warmer months.

To start, you can still wear any of your shoes in the summer (besides any boots that go higher up your leg than a chukka). It won’t be particularly “summer-y,” but it will still look great. If you are going to wear some wingtips or something though, you might want to try going sockless. It’s a fun way to make a dress shoe more casual.

As for shoes that are only worn in the warmer months, let’s look at boat shoes, loafers, and sneakers.

Boat shoes:

Originally designed to keep one from slipping on their boat, boat shoes have become a summer staple shoe. They are easy to slip on and off, and pull design cues from its nautical heritage, making it an ideal summer shoe. Oh, and never wear socks with your top-siders.



Loafers because acceptable office wear last year when designers started making loafers that extended farther up the foot. Loafers are a great dressed up summer shoe for the same reason the boat shoe is. It’s easy to slip into, with or without socks. Plus, they’ll keep your feet cool.



With sneakers, you have a couple of options. Plain white leather sneakers are classic and will look good with a lot of things. Another good option is a canvas sneaker. The canvas is breathable and will keep your feet cool. It will also dry fast if they get wet.


Start thinking about how you’re going to Up Your Fashion Game with what you’re going to wear on your feet this summer.


“One of the best ways to achieve warm-weather comfort is by letting your feet air out a bit and enjoy some freedom from the confines of those constricting lace-up shoes you’ve been wearing the rest of the year. Now, don’t get crazy and start thinking that it’s okay to wear flip-flops or Crocs to dinner just because it’s Major League Baseball season, but remember that there is a happy medium between lace-up dress shoes and exposing the world to your lumpy feet.” – S.W. Hampson



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