How To Pick A Watch

Even though everyone and their mom has a smartphone that can tell them the time anywhere in the world, a wristwatch is still an important part of a wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at what types of watches there are, what they’re good for, and what might be right for you.

The first thing to note about watches is what type of band you’re looking for. Watch bands come in three types. Leather, metal, and fabric. It’s really up to you and what matches your lifestyle. If you’re sporty, a fabric band might suit your sweaty wrist better. If you like a soft feel, leather might be more suitable. Ideally, you will own more than one watch or you switch out the bands. My favorite is a brown leather band.

Tip: If you have a watch with leather bands, take them off, put the spring bars back in, and thread a fabric band through it for a completely different look.

The next thing to consider is complications. Complications are everything on a watch that isn’t keeping time (date, stopwatch, ect). My personal preference is to keep it as simple as possible. One of my watches doesn’t even have a second-hand. Watches are functional jewelry. Keep it understated. Your phone can take care of any complications you might need.


Tip: If you really don’t know what to get, a watch with a white or black face and a leather or steel band will go with anything.

As for the size of the watch, there are two numbers that you need to keep in mind. The face diameter and the thickness. The diameter is going to depend on the size of your wrist a little, but I wouldn’t go bigger than 40mm for most men. There has been a trend for larger and larger watch faces, and it has gotten out of control. All of my watches are 38 or 39mm. The second number was the thickness. I love thin watches. One of my main criteria when I was watch shopping was thickness. My favorite watch that I own is 5mm thick and tapers down to probably 2mm around the edges. I love it. It slides under my sleeve perfectly and doesn’t catch on anything. Thinner is better, in my opinion. Just don’t get one that is more than 10mm though. You’ll regret it.

Whatever watch you pick, have it match your style. If you’re sporty, get a sporty watch (Not a sports watch. There’s a difference). If you’re old-fashioned, get a vintage watch. Get something that stylish that also reflects your personality to Up Your Fashion Game.


“If you’re not a marathoner, don’t wear a watch like one.” – GQ



6 thoughts on “How To Pick A Watch

  1. Totally loved your post on watches. I myself have a soft spot for watches and love metal straps with square faces and black faces, with intricate details. So really loved the well presented post on watches. :)

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