How To Wear A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a cool piece of outerwear, but it also has its caveats when learning how to wear one. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s a bad ass jacket to put in your arsenal.

I’ve got three rules for you, then we’ll look at some different ways to wear a denim jacket.


Rule 1: Avoid the Canadian Tuxedo. But it’s only a Canadian Tux if your denim is the same color. Especially if you’re wearing a colored denim on either, no worries there.

Rule 2: A denim jacket should fit snugly. Try a size down and see how it fits. Denim will stretch a little as you wear it in, so if it’s on the edge, go with the tighter one. You’ll be thankful later.

Rule 3: A dark blue wash goes with everything (except dark wash jeans of course).


A denim jacket can be dressy or casual. It’s versatile in that light. Let’s look at some ways to wear one:

-If you want to dress up a denim jacket, wear it with chinos, a shirt, and a tie. You’re basically wearing it like a blazer.


-Your denim jacket should also be tight enough to wear under a blazer, if you want. It’s an unconventional look, but I thought I’d show it anyway because it looks interesting.


-The very top picture is a classic example of a casual way to wear a dark denim jacket. Here is an example of going with some color in one.


With those rules and examples, you should feel confident that you can buy a great looking denim jacket and create a look that Ups Your Fashion Game.


Think of the new denim jacket as your other pair of jeans. […] You can wear these reinvigorated versions everywhere, with anyone, and with anything—from a tee to a tie.” – GQ



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