White Jeans

White jeans are a summer staple. They are that same comfortable fabric that we know and love in a light summer color. For some, they might be a little intimidating, so learn how to wear them right!


When wearing white jeans here’s some tips to follow:

– First of all, just got for it. A lot of people are scared to wear white jeans. Just do it.

– Your other pieces of clothing should contrast against the white. You want the white to pop, not blend in.

– Don’t worry if your white jeans get a little dirty. Some designers are even starting to “pre dirty” their’s, so have solace if they get a little grungy. (There’s always bleach!)

– If you’re going to easily pull of the double denim, this is your chance. Throw on a denim jacket with confidence.

– Roll up the cuffs, throw on some sandals, and go to the beach!

– White jeans are just as versatile as blue jeans. Both colors go well with just about anything. That’s because white is the most neutral color there is (read: no color).

– Loose and long white jeans don’t work. Make sure yours are slim and have little break.


Up Your Fashion Game this summer in some white jeans. How do you like to wear your white jeans? Sound off in the comments, or if you have any questions, ask away!


“We know what you’ve been told, and we understand your concerns. But just get over it and try on some white jeans. Trust us, you’ll look sharp.” – GQ



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