If you haven’t heard of ASOS before, they are a UK based company that sells product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, and accessories. They sell their own ASOS brand plus an online retailer for other brands.

They ship basically everywhere in the world for free and the best part is they have free returns for anything that you don’t like or doesn’t fit!

RIght now they are having a huge sale up to 70% off. I just bought a ASOS brand navy wool duffle jacket that I’m super happy with (check it out in My Closet)! Shipping takes about a week, but their online tracking is lousy, just FYI.

Another cool thing about ASOS is their marketplace. Basically they have a place for people to buy and sell their new, used, and vintage clothes online! If you’re selling, they take a 5% commission. There’s also a “Make An Offer” feature where you can offer below the sellers asking price.

The last part of ASOS that is pretty slick is their Fashion Finder. It’s basically a lookbook of trends and outfits. It’s pretty extensive! It even includes a section where you can look at outfits for a huge list -over 50- occasions (ex. Bar Night, Christmas Party, After Work Drinks, Poolside ect.)

Check out ASOS this week to Up Your Fashion Game!


“We’re not quite sure how ASOS can offer ridiculously affordable suede bomber jackets alongside slim-fit suits, button-downs, and pants alongside some of the best brands on the planet, but we’re impressed. Their in-house brand is the perfect combination of fit, quality, and price point.” – GQ



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