Linen Is My Favorite

If I had to pick a favorite fabric, I would pick linen. It’s such a cool and lightweight fabric with a lot of character and texture. Let me elaborate.


For a quick background of what linen is, it’s textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s known for it’s lightweight qualities which make it an ideal summer fabric. I love it for those reasons plus more.

Linen has character. By that, I mean it gets wrinkled  and it’s supposed to get wrinkled. It’s not a wool suit that should look great all the time. It’s an inherent quality that it’s going to evolve and get wrinkled throughout the day.

I actually love linen as a pocket square too. It’s my favorite fabric for a pocket square, by far. Because of its thin nature, they fold crisply and are not bulky. Cotton pocket squares can have this problem depending on the size of the pocket square before the fold.


Be warned that linen is a more casual fabric. This is for two reasons. The texture isn’t as uniform as a cotton or wool, so that adds visual interest at the expense of formality. This is also because of the wrinkle factor. There are plenty of more formal linen suits, but as the evening wears on, they become more and more casual. Just keep this in mind so you can play linen to its strength.

My advice is to Up Your Fashion Game this summer by throwing some linen into the mix. It’s something fun and functional. And anyone who knows their stuff will give you the nod of approval.


And with serious heat comes serious wrinkles. Don’t fight ’em. One of the upshots of a linen suit is that it looks better when it’s left to its own devices.” – GQ



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