A men’s fashion blog to show others how they can up their fashion game by giving tips, tricks, how-to’s, and any other relevant bits I’ve picked up along the way. All of this knowledge and advice comes from what I’ve learned from my favorite fashion sources as well as personal experiences and research. Weekly posts on Sundays as well as the occasional Quick Tip Tuesday.

As for me, my name is Zack. I’m 24. I work as a Content Marketing Assistant at 8z Real Estate. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in marketing and a minor in German. I was featured on GQ.com for #GQStyleHunt. I love fashion, traveling, snowboarding, cooking/baking, tennis, golf, beer, social media, and technology. You can find me at @ZackPyle on instagram.

Up Your Fashion Game


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Zack! I really enjoy your blog. How did you learn to sew so well? I just bought a sewing machine but so far all of my tailoring projects have ended in disaster. Do you know of any good online resources for a guy learning to sew?

    • Honestly it was just practice… I started on t-shirts that I didn’t care about and learned from my mistakes! I learned from a couple of youtube videos, but it was mostly just experience. But that’s exactly why I made that youtube video of how to tailor shirts was for people who wanted to get into it. I’m also going to be making a pants hemming video in the future, so keep an eye out! If have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll answer everything to the best of my ability.

      • Hi zack

        Love the blog I’ve just purchased a sewing machine and successfully turned up my jeans – love the video on tailoring the shirt. It’s amazing the difference how a tailored shirt looks. Could you do another video showing taking up the sleeves from the shoulder. This is my next project 😄

      • Great! I’m glad it worked! Unfortunately from the shoulder is very difficult. You’re probably going to have an easier time taking off the cuff, cutting the sleeve, and sewing the cuff back on. It’s not hard, but it is time consuming.

  2. Zack Kick-ass Tutorials… But I got a question I had a awesome suit, but when i sent it to the cleaners they messed up the pants by burning them.. I do not know how. and after a weeks of being mad at the cleaners i notice i haven’t gotten rid of my suit jacket. is there a way to tailor it to make it a sports style or something?

  3. Hi Zack – I wear a 31/34 pant and with today’s out of shape public, most companies no longer make that size, so I have a lot of 32/34 pants. When I put on my belt, I get this ugly bulging of the material around my waist. Could you show how to take in the waist on a pair of jeans? I would be forever in your debt!

  4. Thanks Zack, I was afraid it might be challenging; the last thing I want to do on $100+ jeans. At some point I’ll give it a try.

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